Good morning.

Good morning , hump day today just brewing some coffee it’s a nice day today sun is finally up and ice breaking slowly too… My daughter didn’t wanna Wake up today gonna send her to this school afternoon and gonna try taking my daughter to red river ex in Winnipeg go spend time there summer too… Lots of hockey pools on buy and sale lol but anyways…

What’s on my mind

Good afternoon, I don’t know what’s on my mind nothing else much to say right now…
It’s snowing here in Island Lake don’t know what’s up with that… Had to send my daughter to school, lol she loves to sleep gees that daughter of mine.. Winnipeg Jets lost last night…

Respect me

Respect me

“Own my heart with your respect. Free me from your deceit.
Captive me with your honesty. Rid of me your uncertainty.
Challenge me with your thoughts. Enslave me with your genuineness. Impress me your spontaneity. Treat me right, and I will treat you better. Keep me away from what I don’t deserve, and I will bring you closer to what you deserve. Respect me. Be honest with me. I will give you nothing but multiples of that in return.” ~ Najwa Zebian

Nothing much to complain on Facebook LoL anyways.. Gonna try to keep active on knet.. Today was alright.
Went to watch a movie at theater called ” I feel pretty.” It was good exactly…. Nothing much to say…


“At the end of the day, no one will walk your journey for you.
You have to do that.
At the end of day, no one will dream for you.
You have to do that.” ~ Najwa Zebian

Copy from book , did not copy and paste.


Hello knet and good evening
It’s may 4th to be with you.. don’t really know what to share you…

Gonna share what I read a book today.

Respect me

” If you must explain to others why they need to respect you, they better wonder why you respect them in the first place. If they don’t think you deserve to be treated with most basic human value, what makes them think they deserve it?”- Najwa Zebian…

Well, I left my book at back home anyways….
I wish knet would be normal so, I can change… Gonna be blogging anyways nothing to complain on Facebook… Whatever…. Ok..